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We see our living concepts as holistic solutions. Which is why our high quality standards are also reflected in the materials we use – be it the windows, doors or floors.

Make more out of the best products

It’s essential to use the very best, most exquisite products to create something precious. Windows and doors as well as natural wooden floors are some of the most important building blocks for this.

We work with partners whose products have personally convinced us.

Windows and doors in the smart mix from josko

All the windows, external and internal doors are made 100% in Austria by ‘Josko Fenster und Türen’ using production methods that save resources.

JOSKO’s philosophy: only those smart enough to think decades ahead plan with foresight. JOSKO therefore prioritises the longevity of all its products and sets standards for them that are often higher than the stipulated requirements. Doors and windows are therefore put through their paces by independent testing institutes, for example Holzforschung Austria or ift Rosenheim, the specialist for assessing components.

You can find more information about the Josko Smart Mix and products at:

Natural wooden floors from Trapa

Contemporary and sustainable – our environmental awareness starts with the floors. We source our natural wooden floors from Trapa, whose products are manufactured solely through sustainable forestry in Austria.

The wood industry demands long-term and cross-generational thinking, a stark contrast to our fast-paced age. But therein lies the strength of the natural building material wood and TRAPA. The team at TRAPA made it their mission right from the start to bring wood’s marvellous qualities to life in homes. Our properties benefit from this.

You can find more information about Trapa’s products at:

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